Q: How many times a year should we have our windows cleaned?

A:  The International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) recommends having residential windows cleaned twice a year by a professional window cleaner to conform to the standards of the industry. Spring and fall are generally the seasons of choice for most homeowners, but with the mild winters in the Napa area it is a matter of personal preference.

Q: Our new home is being built right now. When should we schedule having the windows cleaned?

A:  We suggest that you wait until the builder completes the construction process before you have your windows cleaned.  Additional tip: Don’t install screens until the construction is done. This will ensure that no mud or debris will permanently damage your screens before you even move into the home.  Waiting to install the screens will also save you money by not having to pay a window cleaner to clean them.

Q: How do you define a window and/or a Window Pane?

A:  We define a window pane as a piece of glass that has some sort of bordering material (wood, vinyl, metal, etc.). For example, a double hung window is 2 panes while a casement window is counted as 1 pane. Each pane has an inside and an outside and the price for each will be determined by whether or not the homeowner would like both the interior and exterior cleaned or just the exterior.  French panes (or cut outs) are priced differently than standard windows.

Q: Do you work in the winter?

A:  Napa winters tend to be pretty mild, and we are a year-round window cleaning company.  As long as temperatures don’t drop too far below freezing and the wind is not extreme we are cleaning windows and gutters.

Q: Some window cleaners offer a free estimate on the phone. Why do you do your estimate in person?

A:  Our free estimates are different because I am able to assess every aspect of the potential job.  Giving a firm quote in person will avoid any billing surprises you might get with an over the phone estimate.

Q: What do you take into account when providing your quotes?

A:  For window cleaning, the quote is initially  based on the type of package you select and then tailored to reflect the number of window panes, the size of the windows, and how easy the windows are to access.  Gutter cleaning quotes vary based upon whether the job is for routine leaf cleaning or involves the removal of more significant build-up (usually occurring over a number of years).   Regardless, quotes are based on linear foot of gutter and then adjusted to take into account the number of downspouts and the height, pitch, and style of the roof.   To a large extent, deck, patio, and driveway cleaning rates depend on the size of area to be cleaned. 


Q: Do I have to be home when the cleaning is performed?

A:  No, unless I require access to clean the inside of your windows, to remove screens, or to get to a portion of your property that is otherwise inaccessible.

Q: How does your 5 day rain guarantee work?

A:   Rain usually does very little to spot up clean windows.  That’s because it’s the dirt on the glass that causes the rain to spot and streak windows.  However we know that sometimes a hard rain can impact up a good window cleaning, that’s why we offer a rain guarantee.  If it rains within five days of having your windows cleaned by us we will come out at your request and touch up any areas that are spotted or streaked.  Now you can relax and not worry about the forecast.

Q: Should I just have my windows cleaned or have my screens cleaned also?

A:  Clean windows and dirty screens are not a good combination. Screens trap dirt and debris, when it rains that dirt is then transferred to the clean window. We recommend that if you have screens, you get them cleaned with the windows.

Q: Is there anything I need to do before you show up?

 A: Yes , Please have your shades or curtins open and any furniture or nick knacks removed from the window area.  This will allow for the cleaning proses to be smoother and avoid any broken items.